TechLogix media converters adapt fiber signals to a variety of different formats and/or cable types.

The TL-MC-1S1S features two SFP ports (SFP module sold separately), effectively adapting signals between different fiber types. In most applications, the TL-MC-1S1S adapts single mode fiber to multimode fiber and vice versa. 

The MC-1S1S supports multimode fiber when paired with a multimode SFP module and single mode fiber when paired with a single mode SFP module


  • Convert signals between different fiber types (single mode to multimode and vice versa)
  • Two SFP (fiber) ports
  • 100Mbps to 1250Mbps data rates
  • 850nm/1310nm/1490nm/1550nm supported wavelengths
  • Single mode and multimode fiber compatible (SFP module dependent)
  • SFP module sold separately 
  • Suggested multimode module: TL-1GSFP-MM550
  • Multimode max distance: 550m (1,805 ft.)
  • Suggested single mode module: TL-1GSFP-SM20K
  • Single mode max distance: 20km (12.4 miles)
  • 0 degree to 60 degree C operating temperature
  • 1.0" x 2.75" x 3.6" (26mm x 70mm x 93mm)
  • 5V power supply (included)
  • IEEE 802.3z & 802.3ab compliant
  • 1000Base - SX/LX/EX/ZX
  • Diagnostic LEDs
  • Plug-and-play compliant

Package Contents

  • [1] TL-MC-1S1S media converter
  • [1] Power Supply with International Pins

Panel Description


  • Fiber 1 - Insert an SFP module (1G bandwidth) according to the fiber type (single mode or multimode).
  • Fiber 2 - Insert an SFP module (1G bandwidth) according to the fiber type (single mode or multimode).
LED  Status  Operational Status 
Link 1 On 
Fiber connection is Normal 
Fiber connection FAULT (Fiber 1)
Link 2 On 
Fiber connection is Normal 
Fiber connection FAULT (Fiber 2)
F1~2 PWR On
Power Supply is connected and energized
Power supply is either not connected or not energized


DC 5V - Connect included DC 5V/1A power adaptor

System Connection

There are several applications suitable for the TL-MC-1S1S, here are a few examples:

Example 1 - convert from Multimode FO cable to Single Mode FO Cable (or vice versa)

In this example, two network switches need to be connected using fiber optic cable, but there some of the cable is MMF and some is SMF.

Example 2 - extend LAN signal using a media converter.

In this example, the total length of the MMF fiber optic cable exceeds the maximum length for a single link using SFP modules.  In this case, the media converter is acting as a range extender for the fiber optic cable link.

Example 3 - change from single strand cable link to 2 strand cable link

In this example, a portion of the cable has only a single strand fiber available.  Using a standard BiDi SFP module in conjunction with the media converter will allow this portion to work with the cable available.  Currently, TechLogix Networx does not offer a BiDi module, but they are available from other sources.  Just be sure to match the SFP specifications with the standards of the TL-MC-1S1S (IEEE 802.3z/AB 1000Base-T/SX/LX/ZX)


I/O Connections  
Fiber Module Port [2] SFP (small form-factor pluggable) connector port
DC 5V Female coaxial barrel connector - 5.5mm O.D. x 2.5mm I.D.
Signal Characteristics  
SFP compatibility IEEE 802.3z/AB 1000Base-T/SX/LX/ZX 
TLN Part #s: 
TL-1GSFP-MM550 - Multimode Fiber
TL-1GSFP-SM20K - Single Mode Fiber
Link Support IEEE 802.3X Full Duplex and Half Duplex with flow control 
MDI/MDI-X automatic switching
Jumbo Frame Supported Jumbo frame (64-9216 byte)
Chassis and Environmental  
Enclosure Painted Steel
Dimensions 1.0" x 2.75" x 3.6" (26mm x 70mm x 93mm)
Dimensions (Shipping) 7.25" x 6" x 2" (184mm x 70 x 51mm)
Weight (Shipping) 355g
Working Temperature 0°C~60°C
Operating Humidity 5%~90%
Power Supply  
Input Voltage 100~240v AC, 50~60Hz, 0.3A
Output Voltage 5VDC Center Positive 1.2A
Efficiency Level VI
Warranty 3 Years
Package Contents [1] TL-MC-1S1S 
[1] 5VDC Power Supply (USA, AUS, EU, UK Pins)

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