Modify TL-FO-HD cable to work with TL-RKPS-01

Below are the basic steps to modify the power cable that comes with the TL-FO-HD to work with the TL-RKPS-01.

  1. Take the USB cable out of the power supply box and undo the twist tie.

  2. Cut off the USB A (large rectangular side) end.

  3. Carefully cut away the jacket of the cable, then strip about 1/4 inch of the red and black wires.

  4. Insert the red wire into the right side (+) into a 2-pin terminal block for the TL-RKPS-01. Insert the black wire into the left side of the terminal block.

  5. Don't forget to set the voltage output of the TL-RKPS-01 to 5V before connecting the micro USB B end into the TL-FO-HD.

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