Fiber Optics Redefined - Q&A

This is a question and answer guide that explains the following concepts:

  • What are the two main types of fiber?

  • I see there are four different types of multimode fiber. How do I know which is right for my project?

  • Why do I need to run more than one strand of fiber?

  • Which cable construction should I use: Duplex, Micro-Distribution, or Breakout?

  • Do I need to use a fan-out kit (900um) or breakout kit (3mm) to build up the 250um fibers when using Micro-Distribution cables?

  • Is there more than one style of fiber connector?

  • How do I know which style (SC, LC, ST) of connector to install?

  • Are connectors specific to the brand of fiber?

  • Is there only one way to install a connector on fiber optic cables?

  • What if I terminate my fiber cable with the wrong style connector for the equipment?

  • Recommended Locations to Run Fiber Optic Cable in a Residence

  • Why use SSF™ fiber?

  • Is SSF™ fiber glass or plastic?

  • Are SSF™ connectors reusable?

  • What tools are required for SSF™ connectors?

  • What do I need to test the fibers?

  • What is the difference between SSF™ and traditional fiber?

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