How to make a web page into an 'app'.

We have web interfaces for a lot of our products.  This is a great way for installers and users to control and configure our devices on a network.  Many of our devices do not have mobile apps created, as the configuration and control is quite simple to do otherwise (3rd party control, integrated control, or automation).  

Some users, however, will want to have a button on the home screen of their mobile to access the control of these devices.  For many of our devices, this is quite simple to do without the need for a developed 'app'.  Using iOS or Android, you can have a a home screen button that looks like an app, but directs the user to the web GUI (graphic user interface).  Our web GUIs are designed with mobile display in mind, so the user will get the control they want, without the need to download and update apps.

We made a quick-guide on how to make one of our web GUIs 'launch-able' from a mobile device home screen. The example used is for one of our TL-CAV-01 education kits.  This works great, as each teacher could have the control of THEIR classroom saved to the home screen of their mobile - usually an iPad.

Learn more...(download the quick guide below)


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